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Bayansoft for Accounting and Warehouses

Bayan is an accounting software that started working during the era of the programs that used to work with the DOS system, and is still doing so until now. It started from Syria and is present in many Arab countries with official agents or authorized distributors (Saudi Arabia - Lebanon - Turkey - Egypt - Libya - Iraq).

Software Features Of Bayansoft

In programming, we adopted the Delphi language, which is one of the most powerful programming languages used in the world. The object-oriented programming method gives the software speed and durability, and prevents the system from collapsing. When using the Delphi language in the software, we have largely avoided the problems that occur in Windows system.
Bayan Software is automatically compatible with all versions of windows, whatever its version and type. The software also adopted Microsoft SQL Server databases, which is an advanced feature-rich relational database system designed to provide high-performance information processing and a high security in terms of data storage, as this database is the largest and the most adopted database in the world that currently exists.

Technical Features of Bayan

Bayan Software for Accounting and Warehouses is designed to suit all economic activities (commercial and industrial) to help managers make the right decisions to develop work in their facilities, increase productivity and reduce waste and loss. The software was developed according to market requirements to save time and effort for accountants and managers.
We have worked hard to simplify the accounting work for the software users and make the accounting work easy to practice and free of complexity. We have designed interfaces that are easy to deal with. For example, when entering data and displaying statements and reports, the user deals with a few commands and buttons. They also have a unique way of entering materials within the invoice by searching or by a barcode reader if the user wants it.

Bayansoft features are more than you can imagine

Fits the way you work

The software is prepared before starting work on it according to the institution's policy in terms of inventory (continuous or final) (final accounts or financial statements).

One-click manufacturing plan

The final product is loaded with the direct and indirect costs during the manufacturing process to be transported to the final production warehouse with the final cost.

One-click production plan

Design manufacturing models and production plans, and implement them with one click, then watch its reflection on warehouse inventory and when converting raw materials stock into a complete product.

Perform advanced comparisons

Perform comparison among actual manufacturing processes, production plans, and measure deviations quantitatively and financially.

Flexibility at work

It is flexible in preparing and changing software settings according to work requirements and user's opinion.

Miscellaneous reports

The reports cover all business requirements and have the capability to create reports depending on the user's desire.


With all accounting and inventory work aspects, any warehouse work affects financially, and its results appear on the financial side without the need to rewrite the warehouse entries.

Multi-currency is not a concern

Unlimited foreign currency cards, accurate calculation of currency differences, and displaying reports according to the required currency.

Easy and fast archiving

Easily Link inputs on the software with their documents through the document archiving system, which takes only a few seconds to perform.

Post-dated checks and an advanced power system 

Post-dated checks and receipts system, as well as wide and detailed security power.

Insurance and guarantees system

An annual, monthly and daily insurance and guarantees system. You can adopt the validity date for items that need it.

Ease of work

Ease of work in terms of data entry and running reports. In addition, you can learn how to use it in a short period of time.

Efficient interface

Record sales expenses through the same sales invoice interface, no matter how many such expenses.

Offers and promotions system

There are promotions system for malls, distribution companies and branch companies.

Design your own software

Flexibility in modifying labels and terminology used in interfaces and menus.

Send invoices professionally

It is possible to send invoices and a summary of the account and payments to the customer via e-mail and text messages directly by preparing the special design for that, and with one click!

Connect with different networks

It can be linked through local networks and net networks. Whatever its version, it depends on SQL Server databases.

Separate from cost centers

The software provides the ability to work in cost centers and to determine the revenues, work expenses and results of each cost center.

Automatic synchronization RSD

The first among Arab countries with RSD system, which is distinguished for its work from the Cloud system adopted in Google Drive, OneDrive and other real-time synchronization systems.

Consent copies for your work

Commercial version - (Industrial version) which includes the commercial version in addition to the manufacturing features and industrial planning - (Automatic synchronization version) which serves multi-branch companies and factories.
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Why should you choose Bayansoft?

What distinguishes Bayan Software from other accounting and warehouse Software, and what makes it the most suitable solution for your work, whatever its type?
Do you have Internet connection interruptions during the accounting work among your company's branches, and want to continue working without being affected by that?
Would you like to see all the movements and statements of the branches in time, even with Internet disconnection?
Do you have a sales order system and want to follow up orders, know what has been accomplished and what needs to be done every day?
Do you depend on the due date for invoices and want to know the invoices (due, paid or part of them if paid) and to pay the invoices easily?
Do you want a secure accounting system that you can lock whenever you want with a key?
Would you like to be aware of everything that has been done on the accounting system (entry, delete, disclose...)?
Do you have difficulty in entering and following the serial numbers of objects?
Do you face problems with the expiry date system?
Do you buy and sell in more than one currency and want an accurate system that guarantees pricing and statements in all currencies?
Do you have special requirements for the nature of your work and want an answer for any question?
Do you want thousands of reports to cover all your needs?
Do you have trouble training new employees and want a system that is really smooth and easy to learn?
Do you want to archive buying and selling documents, receipt vouchers and others?
Do you have information that you want to classify and archive (schools, associations, subscriptions...)?
Do you want a reliable Correspondence System among users?
Do you have foreign employees that you would like their software interface to be in English?
Do you face maintenance problems or the collapse of your accounting system?

The difference lies in details, Bayansoft is the solution for your accounting problems

All accounting software provide invoices, records and statements, but the difference lies in the details. If you want an accounting system that meets all your needs clearly and easily, make sure that Bayan software is the solution.
We are ready to answer all your inquiries