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Bayan Company for Accounting Software and Techniques

Bayan Company is one of the most important leading companies in the field of software and technical services. It has contributed to providing knowledge and technology to society since the company was founded in the early nineties of the last century.
We have served thousands of customers, and we are proud to serve you as well.

Bayan History, Vision and Mission

Our main goal is to make the accounting work easier and more accurate than ever before.

Company History

The company beginnings go back to the year 1990 when Bayan Company was founded in Homs – Syria. It was one of the first pioneering companies that were interested in providing technical services in general and software in particular, whether for individuals, institutions or public and private companies by providing them with various technical solutions for hardware and software, and by performing periodic maintenance. In particular, it presents its most important product, Bayan Software for Accounting and Warehouses.
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Company Vision

Our vision, since the company was founded, is to keep pace with the great changes and rapid development, continue to flourish business, have extensive knowledge of the trends and various kinds of business, move quickly to prepare for what is coming next, and prepare for the future. This vision will contribute to create a long-term direction for our business through which we can continue to pursuit of success alongside our customers and partners.

Company Mission

The company aims to carry out its role as a leading technical company by keeping pace with the requirements of the labor market and finding creative solutions through high level services, which eventually guarantee the customer's satisfaction and the continuous success.
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Company Goals

In order to maintain our high performance and to continue developing our software, we have set goals that we believe they will take us to be on the top of software companies.
Providing distinguished service for customers, especially after sales service.
Protecting costumers' financial data
Providing technical solutions that ensure the proper functioning of accounting work in companies to face unusual circumstances.
Keeping pace with changes and requirements of the labor market quickly.
Constant pursuit of excellence through high level services.
Expanding the company services scope through spreading distributors and agents within the Arab countries and Turkey.
Creating value and making a difference in accounting work by making it easier and more enjoyable.
Maintaining our position as a highly efficient company capable of responding to changes quickly.
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